This document contains a description of what can be done if a phone number has not been blocked properly.


+49 40 611980 110

The Voicemail Script


The following explains how to use the voicemail script to check the phone number that should be blocked if the blocking does not work.

Mark the Trace-Checkbox. Afterwards click on Maintenance -> Trace to start the trace. Check boxes do not have to be set.

When a call is simulated the following is displayed:

0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):Output: 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):================================ 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):cn: 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):leg2: 0040611980110 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):cgpn: 0040611980110 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):cdpn: 100 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):leg2-orig: 0 0:0270:324:3 - iprt.4.0(DBG):================================

Here you can see what the incoming phone number looks like: This is exactly how it must be entered in the block list.


The app generates the following XML script, when adding a phone number to the blocklist app:

<voicemail xmlns="" _ver="VM-60114">
13.5.2022 9:44:26 UTC
trizwo © 2022     trizwo UI App BlockList blocklist trizwo
131011 sr17
    <function define="debug">
<!--  dbg info  -->
<dbg string="Ausgabe:"/>
<dbg string="================================"/>
<pbx-getcallinfo out-cgpn="$cgpn" out-cdpn="$cdpn" out-leg2="$leg2"/>
<pbx-finduser-e164 e164="$cdpn" out-cn="$cn"/>
<dbg string="cn: " string2="$cn"/>
<dbg string="leg2: " string2="$leg2"/>
<dbg string="cgpn: " string2="$cgpn"/>
<dbg string="cdpn: " string2="$cdpn"/>
<dbg string="leg2-orig: " string2="$leg2-orig"/>
<dbg string="================================"/>
<function define="Main">
<call name="debug"/>
<switch var="$cgpn">
<case equal="00800666666">
<dbg string="disconnect calls from 00800666666 " string2="true"/>
<pbx-disc cause="21"/>
<!--  Number is not in blocklist, transfer to original destination  -->
<call name="checkTrunk"/>
<pbx-xfer e164="$cdpn"/>
<function define="checkTrunk">
    <switch var="$cn">
        <case equal="your trunk">
        <pbx-xfer e164="" name="loopback from trunk" />


As soon as there is a change, e.g. adding a phone number, the app extends the script automatically. The script cannot be customized. Manual changes are overwritten as soon as there are changes in the app.