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The trizwo Jitsi App is a free video conference app, that consists of a user and an admin part. The admin part enables to predefine video conference rooms which will permanently be available, and which can be entered just by one click.

The trizwo Jitsi App simplifies the organization of the conference rooms and the free Jitsi video conference solution. Further, it facilitates the reuse process. There are two options to create a conference room: Firstly, via the public Jitsi server ( and secondly, via an own server.

Important: At the moment the trizwo Jitsi App is merely functioning in the browser. From innovaphone Version 13r2sr6 it will also be functioning in the Launcher.

Jitsi Meet compared with and without trizwo Jitsi App

Jitsi Meet is the original Jitsi software, that offers conceptualized dynamic rooms for video conferences, which are available through an individual web-URL-link. That means, a room can just be generated at the time of use and cannot be created on the server beforehand.

Furthermore, it should be distinguished between the room name and the room link. If the session’s moderator or initiator creates a room, the specific room link can be sent as an invitation via Jitsi Meet.

After all members have exited the video conference, the room on the server will be eliminated and hence it will not exist anymore.

A room that has already been entered remains registered in a user’s browser cache and will be suggested when reopened.

That is because the room does not really exist on the server at that time or rather it does not exist anymore. The link would therefore be (re)created when a verified user opens the room. As soon as the browser cache has been emptied the room or more specifically the room link will not be recognized and hence cannot be reused anymore.