Version sr26 131020

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr23

  • Multiple Domain Usage disabled

Version sr25 131019

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr20

  • Fix: UI problem with app licenses

Version sr24 131018

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr19

Version sr23 131017

  • Feedback in the UI on requirements regarding form field contents

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr18

Version sr22 131016

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr17

Version sr21 131015

  • Reset button: resets initial values

  • Report: Files available only on Pbx are loaded only from devices where a Pbx is active

  • Report: fixed bug when devices have no name or no network interfaces in Devices app

  • Report: Network interfaces are included as string in CSV, XML and JSON exports instead of [Object…].

  • Info/manufacturer: call is started by mouse click on call number

  • Listmaker: App licenses supported, requires PbxAdminApi permission

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr16

Version sr20 131014

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr15

  • It can be decided per entry whether it should only be displayed in the homescreen of the admin version of the app.

Version sr18 131012

  • UI improvements

Version sr17 131011

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr12

Version sr16 131010

  • UI improvements

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr11

Version sr15 131009

  • UI improvements

Version sr14 131008

  • Update to Generic App 13r2 sr10

Version sr13 131007

Version 0.2.1 20210915

  • skip loading report files from phones which are not from innovaphone and therefore do not provide the desired files or in other words do not provide a web interface via the sysclient connection.

  • use the MAC adress / Hardware ID of a device when it doesnt have a name configured at the devices app

  • Upgrade SDK from Build 136094 to 136155

Version 0.2 20210708

move app to JS SDK

Version 0.1.9 20200312

  • use the device API for all HTTP Requests. Fix for CrossDomain Requests, when this App is on antoher Domain as the Device App

Version 0.1.8 20191128

  • Field ‚User Groups‘ in Userlists, a comma separeted List of the group each User is in

Version 0.1.7 20191127

  • more Report Tasks of Gateways: Alarm and Events as XML, /!mem and /!mod, tcp and udp sockets

Version 0.1.6 20191126

  • more changeable Elements

Version 0.1.5 20191126

  • add a config editor to customize the app

Version 0.1.4 20191028

  • more Graph Layout changes

  • click on devices table row now opens the device in the devices app

Version 0.1.3 20191028

  • more detailed report creation

  • option to create reports without std-config

Version 0.1.2 20191027

  • Graph Layout and Labels (WIP)

Version0.1.1 20191025

  • registrations: only add elements with GUID to table data set

  • report: remove failed tasks from list of running tasks

  • respect filtered results, aka create report only from in table visible devices

  • respect filtered results, aka create json/csv/xml exports only from in table visible devices

  • get userinfos via API Update instead of get parameter

  • show User Avatar

  • add Users Email to Report Info

Version 0.1 20191025

Release 0.1

Version 0.0.12 20191025

  • domainId as colunm in listenmacher

  • Registrations at pbx now included in Reports as XML File

  • Registrations List

Version 0.0.11 20191024

  • UI

  • cleaner source

  • Home Page with details how to reach out to us

  • do not load devices if user has no access to devices api

Version 0.0.10 20191023

  • export of the datatables to JSON, XML, CSV

Version 0.0.9 20191022

  • Listenmacher

Version 0.0.8 20191021

  • fonts/icons for dataTable

  • create a visual Log while creating the Report

  • include the user export of a pbx as csv/xml

Version 0.0.7 20191018

  • skip loading of things from offline devices

  • show devices as online/offline instead of true/false

Version 0.0.6 20191018

  • fix problem with scope of vars while creating filenames

  • add date of creation to README

  • fix problem with whitespace in filenames not replaced by _

  • add version of app to README